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What are the business habits of successful Personal Injury Lawyers?

In life and in business, many people owe their success to hard work, dedication and discovering the habits that make others succeed. And in any industry, there are certain characteristics that are common among those that are at the top of their game. These are shared traits and principals that help them succeed and Personal Injury Law is no exception. Throughout our long history of working with Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest and it’s through these experiences that we’ve discovered several common habits that these professionals share. In this guide, we’ve provided an overview of these habits that can help you achieve greater success.

1. Understand the value of serving the client

We’ve all heard the stats: A satisfied customer will tell a few people, while an unsatisfied customer will tell everyone. And while the outcome of the case is extremely important, remember that serving the client goes way beyond the final results. When you think about your clients and their experience with you and your firm, what do you think they would say when asked how they were treated? Did they receive personalized attention? Did you return calls promptly and did you explain all the details of the case in easy-to-understand terms? Were you a good listener? Consider this: if each of your satisfied clients referred just one client over the next ten years, you could exponentially increase your client base.

2. Make marketing a top priority

To be successful, Personal Injury attorneys need to understand that marketing their firm is a top priority. It may seem obvious, but worthy of noting, because it’s all too easy to get distracted. Always looking for opportunities to get your name out there and seeking avenues for marketing is the best way to attract clients.

3. Have an organized system and efficient procedures

Whether you’re working on one case or ten, efficient case management is key to staying organized and having the ability to delegate repetitive tasks to your staff members. Many Personal Injury attorneys have manuals that lay out their procedures in a step-by-step format so that anyone of the team can handle certain tasks when necessary. This improves efficiency and keeps everything organized.

4. Understand the difference between Advertising and Marketing

While these two terms are similar and are often lumped together as one, the reality is, there’s a difference between advertising and marketing. When you think of advertising, consider it to be a campaign or planned communication efforts to send out a message. Advertising is important, but is actually a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing on the other hand, is a long-term plan that includes advertising and is a result of research, feedback and experience in the field. A marketing plan that takes into account results of market research, customer feedback, sales statistics and more is necessary to provide your firm with all the elements for success. A strategic marketing plan is one that you can modify and adjust as things change and could be developed on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on your market.

5. Distinguished from the crowd

There are a lot of lawyers out there, and a high percentage of them are Personal Injury specialists. To be successful, it’s important to distinguish yourself among your competitors. Consider these questions: Why should a client choose you over someone else with the same qualifications? What makes you unique? What can you offer clients that no other Personal Injury attorney can? Remember that it is always about how your services can benefit the client. Whether it’s your decades of experience, your record of winning cases or your personalized attention, determine what makes you different and communicate it in all your marketing and advertising efforts.

6. Have a business plan for the long term

Where do you want to be in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years? Those Personal Injury attorneys that have made a long term business plan are more likely to be successful than those who don’t. Once you established your short term and long term goals, you can have a clearer picture of how to accomplish these goals and allow yourself to evaluate your methods, marketing and business strategy. And of course, it can be something that you continually review to ensure that it’s still aligns with your vision as your practice evolves.

7. Create a strong team

Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to success. With a team of motivated, well trained, and efficient workers, you’ll have all you need to take on new business and care for your current clients. In addition to making sure you hire the best people, it’s also crucial to know when to eliminate those that aren’t up to par. Successful attorneys don’t wait to terminate employees who are not right for the firm. Keep in mind that a staff member with a positive attitude, who is willing to work hard and learn is far more valuable than one who is experienced yet unmotivated and unhappy.

There’s truth to the belief that if you want to be successful, look closely at what others in your field are doing and either copy it or do the opposite. In this case, these tips will help you succeed in Personal Injury Law. It’s our pleasure at Pines Spine and Joint to work with attorneys who provide their clients with highly personalized attention and care, as these are the standards by which we run our business.

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