Establishing Pain and Severity in Personal Injury Cases

Establishing Pain and Severity in Personal Injury Cases on

How your client’s physician can help you build your case

Any individual considering filing a personal injury claim knows that he or she will need to demonstrate a serious injury to the courts. The same is true for personal injury lawyers taking these claims. In these kinds of cases, the interpretation of medical records and the evaluation of an injury can have a significant impact on the case and the potential damage award. Read on to learn more about this process, including how to find the help you need.

The value of medical opinions

While it’s true that there are many factors in play with a personal injury claim, the insight of a doctor can be essential for assigning a damage level to the injuries you have sustained. Bear in mind that the potential monetary damages in play do relate to the severity of your injuries, so choosing the right physician or team to evaluate your client is not a task you should overlook.

Why severity matters

Although the majority of most accidents, especially car collisions, leave victims with minor injuries, this is not true for all. Some accident victims will continue to suffer for many years to come, but those injuries must be properly evaluated in order to present to the court the true impact on the victim. A minor accident injury case, for example, might yield an award of $10,000 or less. Someone who suffers from disc herniations and who has had to go through multiple surgeries to correct it, however, might receive an award in the hundreds of thousands.

As an attorney for a victim, it’s unlikely that you can determine value for injuries without knowing exactly what the injuries are and how they have impacted quality of life for your client. Underestimating them because of a lack of medical knowledge could lead to a victim missing out on critical financial help that would assist him or her in recovering in the most effective way.

Where the insurance company comes in

The majority of insurance companies will evaluate the settlement value of an injury on the cost and nature of the medical treatment required to fix or minimize it. Larger settlement payments are often linked to situations involving surgeries or severe complications. The specialists who evaluate the patient and provide a diagnosis or treatment are critical because of this determination.

Finding the right doctor

In the aftermath of an accident, your client might realize that they have several different types of injuries that require help from multiple doctors. It’s also true that your client might be experiencing chronic pain weeks or months after the accident. Pines Spine & Joint can treat your client’s pain while working with you to establish pain and severity as you build your case. For more information on working with our team of specialists in the development and presentation of your case, contact us today.

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